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Are you hosting/organizing an event to bring artists, authors, filmmakers, and creators to your community?  Are you planning a fan event or convention where you want to showcase your fandom and your creators across the world-wide-web? The Hangin With Web Show wants to be there for you and your guests!

HWWS Media Group are dedicated to bringing the world-wide-web the best and brightest names and projects in Arts & Entertainment.  We pride ourselves on going where creators are!  E-mail our team, we will be in touch to schedule our coverage of you and your event.


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Harry Potter Sorting Hat: [Adult Edition (Night School is in Session)] OR [Children’s Edition] As Requested (Both are available upon request)

This audience interactive experience puts the young at heart under the famous Hogwarts sorting hat as they are sorted into one of the four renowned wizarding houses for another great year at the magical institution of learning famed from J.K. Rowling’s beloved book series. Presided over by a panel of distinguished Hogwarts students and professors, this humorous and fully interactive performance immerses visitors in the wonderful world of magic and fun from one of the most beloved film and book franchises in the world. Our cast is set to deliver a fun and mystical adventure to onlookers and participants alike in this exciting panel performance.

Harry Potter Sorting Hat Ceremony Collag
Joker and Harley.jpg
StoryTime 01_edited.jpg
Harley and Joker.jpg

Storytime with “Harley and Friends”

That’s right everyone, Harley Quinn after her long time crime spree through Gotham has finally been captured by Batman and Robin, and as a part of her ongoing rehabilitation, Harley and some of her criminal friends must fulfill the requirements of community service. She has been tasked to read stories to children in recompense for his crimes. Escorted by her jailers, Batman and Robin, as well at times Harley Quinn is set to share his tales with your children. Don’t miss this humorous and entertaining chance to be a part of Gotham City’s rehabilitation efforts!

Comics in the Classroom:

Join Florida Educators and comic artists as well as academics as they demonstrate and discuss the usefulness of fan culture in education.  From the literary comparisons in comic culture, to the usefulness of pictures in teaching reading and beyond to the story themes prevalent in popular culture from the screen to the page, Nicole and her team make a compelling case for using those epic tales we love as teaching tools for a new generation of enthusiasts, learners and leaders.

GW Comics in the Classroom.jfif
Cat Woman.jpg
Harley Cosplay Contest Tampa Bay Comic C
Harley & Cosplay Michael.jfif

Cosplay Programming by Harlequinarts, Cosplay and Crafts

Pro Cosplayer Amelia Poole, Harlequinarts, Cosplay and Crafts leads a variety of cosplay programming.  From Upper level to children's cosplay contests, photo ops with top cosplayers, and other programming cast members and tons of interactive cosplay activities, Amelia does it all.  Amelia and her team of cosplay professionals bring a convention's cosplay alley to life making it a truly immersive creative community experience.  

Web Media, and How to be an Artrepenuer

Hangin With Web Show host, award winning author and journalist G.W. Pomichter and the HWWS Media team ia set to help you become a rock star of internet media! Pomichter and his panel of social media, radio, and podcast personalities discusses the impact of the world wide web on the media industry, the opportunities it has created and how YOU can be a part of the shifting arts and entertainment paradigm.   In this highly interactive panel, the audience is invited to share their YouTube, podcast, blog, and social media stories as well hearing from web media professionals about the tools, techniques and behind the scenes secrets to making an internet media show, company or hobby a success in the popular culture. Hear from other creators about how to find your niche, reach your audience, use traditional media to help you grow and so much more.  From equipment to presentation and from home studios to special pro-spaces, if you are looking to take advantage of the internet media revolution, this is the place to start!

Panel 003.jpg
panel 004 CCR.jpg
Panel 001.jpg
Air Guitar Kids.jpg
Air Guitar 001.jpg

There Are No Strings on Me: Air Guitar Demonstration

Have you ever played along to those most memorable riffs on the radio?  Have ever found yourself pretending to jam with Hendrix, Aerosmith or Eddie Van Halen?  Well, this is your chance to be the real star!  Join in as Hennessy Williams from the U.S. Air Guitar association as he demonstrates what it takes to be a world class Air Guitar Champion.  That’s right it’s a thing!  Just play your Air Guitar and you could win cash and prizes and even travel the country on your Air Guitar Solo career tour!  REALLY, It’s a thing!  Learn more at this interactive, fun and informative demonstration!

Stages of Taking the Stage: Cosplay Is For Everyone

Cosplayers come in all shapes and sizes.  Costumes can be store bought, handmade, thrifted, crafted or just thrown together, because Cosplay is truly for everyone.  Learn from a panel of professional and well known amateur cosplayers how they turned their passion in more than just a hobby.  Is it okay to wear a Halloween Costume to a Convention?  Damn Straight!  Is it okay that my costume was made by a friend or relative?  Dang Skippy!  Can I put together a cosplay from bits I pick up at thrift stores?  You bet you can.  From cosplayers who make every stitch and every EVA foam armor plate, to those who just love to dress up and showcase their favorite characters, anything goes, and HWWS WebTV’s cosplay superstars are here to answer your questions and show you the way!

Cosplay Panel Collage.jpg
Melanie Draws.jpg

You Can Draw:  Character Development Hour

Join artist Melanie Dean and friends to learn some of the tricks of the trade!  Artists showcase the how to of drawing characters and scenes from your favorite popular culture properties.  Anyone, children or adults can learn to draw with the right guiding hand, and Melanie’s interactive and informative style will help you to learn a new skill or hone in on an old one, perhaps long forgotten.  Melanie and her friends, a peer group of professional artists is here to help you immerse yourself in the arts!  This is your chance to be a part of the culture and community you have come to a convention to celebrate.  Ask questions, draw along and share some laughs with a real pro!

You’re A Superstar: Broadcast Yourself

In today’s high tech social media world it has never been easier to tell your story and broadcast yourself to the world-wide-web.  During 2020, many took to the air waves to be a part of the conversation, and many sought new opportunities through social media broadcasting.  Meet some of the pros!  HWWS WebTV and its family of stars has built an online network of performers, podcasters, musicians, actors and producers, and we want to help YOU become the best online broadcaster you can be!  What kinds of mics should I buy?  What kind of webcam should I use?  Can I use my DSLR Camera?  How do I use multiple cameras?  How do I have remote guests on my new broadcast?  These are just some of the questions that the HWWS WebTV family of stars will help you answer!

Broadcast KK.jpg
Broadcast HWWS.jpg
Broadcast GW.jpg

Thunder Buddies: Inside the Headlines

This humorous and insightful panel is an interactive discussion of the latest popular culture headlines.  Actor and online personality Thomas Carter Rochester and Pop Culture journalist David Thompson from The Direct online, review the latest and greatest headlines, and talk with audience members about the implications and inspirations for today’s comic, movie, television and pop culture revelations.  Learn things you may not have known.  Debunk rumors, and debate today’s arts and entertainment headlines up close and personal with the Thunder Buddies! 

Princess Storytime with the Cosplay Princesses of Weyr-Woman Cosplay Modeling

Princess Story Time Lauren Edinger.jpg

Once Upon a Time there was a Princess that loved to read to her subjects! Join us for an interactive story-time featuring multiple characters that you will love to read along with. This is an 30 minute panel where you get to sit with multiple storybook characters as they read aloud, socialize and take photos with the panel attendees!

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