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Fact Checking / Polices and Procedures

Fact Checking / Accuracy Policies

HWWS WebTV and its shows, series and partners are committed the highest industry standards in bringing the latest and most accurate entertainment news, in accordance with APA (Associated Press) standards. HWWS Media Group LLC and it’s show producers, directors and each show host uphold the highest standards of journalism and make every effort to independently verify and research interview subjects, new artistic and entertainment content as well as any local, state, national news that are covered during one or more of our broadcasts. While interview or live subjects may make any assertions or claims they choose, as a part of interviews experiences, the HWWS Media Group LLC, HWWS WebTV and its shows and affiliates make every effort to provide the most accurate and up to date information available.  HWWS Media Group will ensure accuracy by consulting independent third party sources, and properly sourcing all matters of fact, not established directly by HWWS WebTV producers.

Ethics Policy

HWWS Media Group LLC, HWWS WebTV, its partners, affiliates and shows and series’ is committed to bringing the latest and most informative arts and entertainment news, and to meeting the highest professional ethical standards in arts and entertainment journalism. It is the ethics policy of HWWS WebTV and HWWS Media Group LLC to hold show runners, reporters, directors and hosts to the highest levels of journalistic ethics, and to ensure that all HWWS WebTV personalities abide by these standards to provide accurate, truthful, original and professional news media coverage to arts and entertainment professionals and properties. Libel, Plagiarism, as well as insensitive or inappropriate expressions of “hate speech” or other discriminatory representations will not be tolerated by HWWS WebTV, HWWS Media Group LLC or any of its series, shows or content creative properties.

Corrections Policy

HWWS Media Group LLC, HWWS WebTV, The Hangin With Web Show and all broadcast shows and series will always endeavor to provide accurate and true coverage of arts and entertainment content and creators, and to this effect, errors made in broadcast, social media posts, or written articles will be corrected in a timely manner in the same media medium as the error occurred or in any additional HWWS WebTV media appropriate to ensuring both the corrections, the accuracy of the coverage and the credibility of HWWS Media Group LLC, HWWS WebTV and its shows and series. HWWS Media Group LLC will not tolerate deliberately inaccurate broadcast content, failures of disclosure of corrections or any misrepresentative content that damages the continued credibility of our HWWS WebTV hosts and personalities.

Ownership & Funding

HWWS Media Group LLC is a limited liability corporation formed in the state of Florida, and is the sole owner HWWS WebTV as well as the Hangin With Web Show, and is owned wholly in partnership between Garrett W. Pomichter-Murray, Deanna Marie Pomichter-Murray and Sage Haenel, and no other financial entity or corporation wields financial or editorial control over internal programming or arts and entertainment news decisions. HWWS Media Group LLC is funded through the sale of distribution of marketing and advertising services, which HWWS Media Group LLC persons endeavor to honestly disclose. All advertisers are informed that no advertiser is allowed to determine or influence the editorial or creative content of HWWS WebTV or HWWS Media Group LLC shows and series.

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