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HWWS Cinema

HWWS Cinema

Movies from Brevard Film & Talent Inc. 501(c)3
Brevard Film and Talent, Inc. (formerly Space Coast Film and Talent Group) is made up of film enthusiasts from Brevard County, Florida. Many of our members work both sides of the camera and are involved in each step of production from inception until a film's premiere. We gladly share our film-making knowledge with those who wish to learn. Whether you're a pro or just starting out, interested in acting or want to be on the crew, a writer, a lawyer, an event coordinator, or you just want to be near the action, there's a spot for you in Space Coast Film and Talent Group

The Model

Brevard Film and Talent, Inc. produced this great short film about love and marriage in the modern age.  This film was selected for the Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival and won awards for its creative and provocative and comedic look at modern relationships!  The Battle of the sexes has never been funnier!


Brevard Film and Talent, Inc. produced this great short film crime drama.  This peek into the seedy world of organized crime and violence is provocative and full of dynamic energy from indie actors and producers.  This film is an award winner and features some of the fantastic indie talent coming up in the film making community!

LGBTQ Film Festival


This is Brevard Film and Talent's AWARD WINNING submission to the Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival 2016 (Loose Ends Contest),  Our group had 3 really interesting ideas for endings, We were allowed to do so as long as each ending, with the beginning scenes and credits, ran no longer than 5 minutes if shown separately. 


A Fork In The Road

Teenage suicide is the second leading cause of death in people under the age of 25yo. We need to bring this illness out of the closet and educate people about it. I also have a book for $7.95 if anyone wants to purchase one. Please share this film with everyone you know. Help save lives by education about the subject.

More Coming Soon!

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