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G.W. Pomichter

G.W. Pomichter (an author/creator and a professional journalist, who has penned more than 400 byline articles for The Hometown News LLC and Florida Today). Pomichtr has written and published 5 books, including the Lucky Marks Mystery Series, the dystopian near future thriller Yesterday's Tomorrow, and his first book, a political "how to" manual for would be public servants and candidates. As the executive producer of HWWS WebTV, Pomichter assists in the distribution of more than a dozen internet based shows, but continue his work as an entertainment journalist as the host of the Hangin With Web Show, where he has interviewed more than 800 artists, entertainers, musicians and filmmakers.

Hangin With Web Show (Host) I Author I Professional Journalist

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Sage is a consummate professional who works both on set as the show’s artistic relations coordinator, scheduler and camera woman but behind the scenes as a co-producer and the show’s social media marketing director. Sage is a native of Pittsburg, PA, and has her Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Organizational Management from Eastern Florida State College, which he employs to facilitate the HWWS WebTV business director.

Sage Ia.png
Sage Ia

Hangin With Web Show

Deanna is the Hangin With Web Show’s co-producer and serves on set as a camera and sound technician as well as the HWWS WebTV marketing and merchandising director, and as show host and executive producer, G.W. Pomichter’s P.A. In addition to these functions, Deanna also serves as the Hangin With Show's primary merchandizing, advertising and marketing executive director.

Deanna Marie.png
Deanna Marie

Hangin With Web Show

Stephen Pomichter is the primary grip and set director for the HWWS WebTV family. Stephen lifts our heavy things, and then puts them down again, in addition to providing logistical and on site support for the Hangin With Web Show. In addition to his work on set, Stephen also provides production support for remote shows, and has served as technician and operational manager for special live events. In his role, he works with volunteers and support staff and manages set operations both in the field and in the home studio.

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Stephen Pomichter

Hangin With Web Show

Josh Bauer, who some may know him as JBauerart, is an Ohio native that enjoys putting his own creative spin on paintings, logos, podcasts, and more. Josh is also a graphic designer and has created several logos for a variety of local businesses.  Josh is also the host of the podcasts "Back Talk with Bauer" and "Back Talk with Friends". "Back Talk with Bauer" is a weekly podcast where Josh sits down to chat with one of his creative friends that he has met through his many years of conventions and events. 

Josh Bauer / JBauerart

Back Talk With Bauer (Host) | Resident Graphic Designer and Artist

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Bryant's Anime Adventures Show

Bryant Oliver
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Bryant Oliver graduated from Southside Virginia Community college with a certificate in Information Systems Technology in 2008 and is a published author who has written three books so far (Starlight memories A collection of poems and songs, FalconX and Moonlight Voices My Voice of Expression) He has a love for anime and all things nerdy and hopes to inspire the world someday.  Bryant is a eager and vocal fan, and an awesome addition to the HWWS WebTV Family of Stars.

Bryant Oliver.jpg
Brian and Nicole

Reels & Heels

Brian Wenzloff and Nicole Jobin are the First Couple of Reels & Heels, a podcast and web series dedicated to all things movie, television and wrestling related.  Yep!  That's a lot of stuff!  Brian and Nicole are an invaluable part of the HWWSW Media Group Family and alway keep us up-to-date on all the happenings in popular culture!  Nicole is a teacher and a huge proponent of teaching using popular culture and comics as learning tools.  

Enjoy Reels & Hels on Facebook and accross the HWWS Social Media Landscape!

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Marc B. Lee

MBL Entertainment I Saturday Morning Cartoons

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Marc B. Lee is an international show host among one of his talents. He has hosted events and interviewed celebrities from the U.S. to Europe. He has had more than a business association with celebrities like Stan Lee, Patrick Stewart, Neil Armstrong, Jeff Bezos and William Shatner, Marc dabbles a lot in Architecture and Space Agencies such as Nasa and Space X. Marc is one of the hosts of Saturday Morning Cartoons seen on the HWWS WebTV Each Saturday.

Rose Marie Rose is a native Floridian, who prefers sitting at her computer writing in the air-conditioning to lying in the heat on a sandy beach. When not assisting in the quest for justice as a legal assistant, R.M. Rose enjoys attending and volunteering at Comic-Cons. She also collects film and television memorabilia, and studies Florida history. Her interest in Florida history developed after her home town of Homestead, Florida was devastated by Hurricane Andrew in 1992. She witnessed first hand the damage to many historical places in her home town. Three months later, her family moved to the Southwest Florida, where she still resides with her husband and two children.

Rose Marie Rose.png
Rose Marie Rose

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Jerome Conner

Jerome is a geek from the old school. He learned Science Fiction in the 70s and 80s. Like most nerds of that era, Sci-Fi and animation were his friends. With age came an embracing of his geekiness. Jerome is the proud father of Gwendolynn, who he is hoping to introduce much of geekdom. She has already been hooked on certain female comic characters.

Mostly known as a Trekkie, Jerome is an avid fan of the Marvel Comics’ character Hawkeye. Yet, he is a follower of many other books, comics, shows, and movies. And he is an opinionated person on all of them. Ove the last years, he joined the Saturday Morning Cartoon crew and has been having a grand time.

Jerome Conner.png

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Thomas Carter Rochester is an actor, producer, podcaster, rapper, and cosplayer from Panama City, FL. Our resident Thor, Thomas has been acting since 2016 and making people laugh since birth. He wrote, produced, directed, and starred in the award-winning comedy short  "Toilet Paper Jesus" in Quarantine 2020 while juggling his duties with HWWS and his day job as an engineer. Thomas brings his eclectic sense of humor, and experiences from film sets, to the HWWS family as a Co-Host of "Lights Thunder, Action! Show" and in the occasional Has-Beens of Improv Comedy Shows. You can find Thomas as Thor, Son of Dale by searching "Thor Watches The Mandalorian" on  YouTube. You can also find his music streaming on HWWS Indie Music Radio under the stage name Tommy Tourettic.

Thomas Carter Rochester.png
Thomas Carter Rochester

Lights, Thunder, Action! | Thor Talks To

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David Thompson is a journalist and podcaster with a degree in Multiplatform Journalism. He brings the analysis and spicy questions to the HWWS family as co-host of “Lights, Thunder, Action!” David spends his free time watching movies, football games, and obsessing over the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

David Thompson.png
David Thompson

Lights, Thunder, Action! 

John Ross Bradley.jpg
John Ross Bradford
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John Ross Bradford is the newest addition to the Lights Thunder Action Podcast team!  He joins the HWWS WebTV family of stars from The Direct online news blog and is a welcomed expert in popular culture and so much more.  Together with Thomas carter Rochester,. this newest Thunder Buddy is poised to take HWWS WebTV to the next level in entertainment!  

Host/Producer: Ryan "The Quote" has weekly episodes of The Nerdcast where he talks about movies past and present. Plus, the weekly Interview Series where he has special guests from all over the Nerd Universe.

Ryan Permison.png
Ryan Permison

Nerd Culture I The Nerdcast I MisMatch UP!

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The KitchenKillaz!  A touring acoustic duo crashing kitchens around the country.  Every Friday night you can find us Live-Streaming covers, and originals, from a different kitchen around the country  We feature a delicious menu, prepared by the host of the evening, or The Mad Scientist, himself; our touring Chef that's accompanied us to over 2 dozen of some 70+ kitchens we've crashed.  He's created countless dishes that have included appetizers, entrees, desserts, and cocktails and the performance is free!


Billy Floyd and The Commadore

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Michael Pomichter

Cosplay Michael

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Michael is a normal, healthy, happy 11-year-old boy with big dreams, high hopes and a passion for creativity.  He is a cosplayer.  In short, he enjoys creating, enhancing and dressing up in costumes emulating his favorite comic book and film characters.  He takes it quite seriously, and he's good at it.  Michael began, like most kids, as soon as he was old enough to dress himself.  He saved Halloween costumes  & borrowed mom and dad's clothes and accessories to create original adaptations of any character or imaginary person of which he dreamt.

Terry McIvor.png
Terry McIvor

The Social Media Guru

Terry is the HWWS WebTV social media superstar!  He from Belfast and lives in Newtownabbey, Ireland, and he is always with us online.  Terry is a pop culture fan and an avid and prolific social media influencer who is dedicated to sharing what he is passionate about!  Founder of Creative Control, and social media page that is designed to share and spread creative artists with the World Wide Web.  Terry is in EVERY HWWS WebTV Chat, and is someone that leads viewers and newcomers into the community through humorous and friendly interactions.  Meet Terry TODAY!

Amelia Poole headshot.jpg

HarlequinArts, Cosplay and Crafts, HarleCon Convention Hostess

Amelia Poole
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Amelia Poole, known as Harlequin is a cosplayer, costumer, character performer and public personality best known for her Classic Harley Quinn cosplay. She has YouTube channel called the Haunted Harlequin that covers everything Paranormal, and the Haunted Harlequin podcast that covers True Crime. She also founded and runs a virtual convention called HarleCon that goes live every other month. Harlequin started Cosplaying in 2015, and has been making her own costumes since she was small.

The Legend of the Traveling Tardis Radio Show would not be much of a show without the direction and fortitude of our Producer, Melanie Dean. A talented artist, she specializes in original art, fan art, prints, magnets and tea infusers. She also does amazing things with fondant. Visit her ETSY store for Pieces of Melee. “I’ve been celebrating fandom since I could hold a brush.”

Melanie Dean.png
Melanie Dean

The Legend of the Traveling Tardis (Producer)

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Christian Basel
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Christian Basel.jpg

Christian basel is the creator, producer and host of the wildly popular Doctor WHO podcast and radio show The Legend of the Traveling TARDIS.  Christian is a popular host and radio personality who brings enthusiasm and knowledge together with a panel of fans, celebrities and one tiny traveling TARDIS to create magic every fan can love! 

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