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Who is

Cosplay Michael?

Michael is a normal, healthy, happy 11-year-old boy with big dreams, high hopes and a passion for creativity.  He is a cosplayer.  In short, he enjoys creating, enhancing and dressing up in costumes emulating his favorite comic book and film characters.  He takes it quite seriously, and he's good at it.


Michael began dressing up, like most kids, as soon as he was old enough to dress himself.  He saved Halloween costumes and played in them around the house.  He borrowed mom and dad's clothes and accessories to create original adaptations of any character or imaginary person of which he dreamt.  Michael loved everything about pretending, and then something really wonderful happened.  He went to a convention.

Michael's mom, a business major and I, a published author of 5 books, own and operate a small business producing a web talk series called the Hangin With Web Show.  We travel to conventions and conferences and interview writers, artists, filmmakers and creators of all kinds and share new artists as well as celebrity entertainers with the world wide web.  In 2015, we attended our first pop culture convention: Necronomicon in Tampa Florida.  To help occupy our 4-year-old while we worked, we let him bring some of his costumes and dress up, "like the grown-ups."  He was hooked!


He found a sense of community in the immediate acceptance of adult cosplayers and convention attendees wanting photos and stopping to encourage him.  He met an adult dressed as Marvel Comic's "Loki," and himself dressed at Thor (complete with a home-made hammer), they "played."  They two battled center floor in the hotel lobby and the cosplayer, a man easily in his late 20's or even early 30's, had no trouble channeling his own inner child to play and pose and have fun with 4-year-old Michael.  We never did learn the man's real name, but we are so grateful for the time he took to make a small child's weekend so very special.

Following that weekend, our show became more popular and we found ourselves at more conventions and conferences where Michael could play and dress and be a part of this new community that both he and we had discovered.

Check Out Michael's Many Cosplay Adventures!

Michael made so many friends and fellow creative cosplayers at conventions, that we decided to set up a facebook page for his endeavors.  Of course, his mom and I monitor it and share posts with him.  While he does read some, he needs a bit of help and we like to know who is posting.


In the spring of 2016, just a few short months ago, while reading his news feed to him, we were surprised to see a message from a fellow cosplayer.  Most just posted on his wall, but this one sent him a "private" message.  The message was an invitation to Cosplay Michael (his Facebook name) to participate (with his parents) in a panel at world famous San Diego Comic-Con International

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