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Game Night with Kim and Dylan

1h Variable Times | English | Producer Dulan C. Pomichter | Starring Dylan and Kim Pomichter & Guest Staring "Baby G"

A happily married couple with a gaming addiction. We Met in late 2013 on the stage. A community theater performance of Hello Dolly. Like turned to Like Like and Like Like became love. Here we are entering our 5th year of Marriage and one of the many things we share is a love of games.

Board Games, Video Games, Tabletop RPG. Classics, New games, and all in between.  As we've grown together so has our collection of games. Until one day, while listening to one of a number of Actual Play Podcasts, Dylan was struck with an Idea. Why not us? We already love playing games. We already enjoy the time with our friends. Why not share that fun with the world? And so the idea was born. As we work to make the best content we are excited to launch episode one in the Fall of 2020.